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Painted Pools:
Selected Works

From MFA Thesis Exhibition 2008

Fina Gallery, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


An exhibition of three paintings from the MFA thesis: painted pools: a lens into subjectivity, along with a video of the entire exhibition choreographed to wave and storm sounds.

Written Comments from Exhibition Guest Book:

“I love the paintings – they’re so beautiful and peaceful and relaxing. I could stand in the Gallery looking at them and listening to the sound of the waves all day.”

“You have inspired so many ideas for my own art. I am in love with Mem Pool 2.”

“It is easy to look through these paintings to you, Destanne. They are powerful and demand that one pay attention.”

“Yes, signs are great things. Noticing and interpreting signs are great, too – and, as always, then the real work begins. All the best on your lovely journey.”

“Your voice is singing from every canvas.”