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Welcome to my painted universe! A portfolio of selected artwork organized into eight categories that span the past fifteen years up to present time.

The majority of my work is representational, although at times abstraction has best suited the expression of my feelings and/or ideas. While not adhering to a particular style or technique, it's the subject and what's being expressed about that subject that dictates my approach. Rich colour, shape, line and light predominant.

Nature is my muse. Whether I am hiking through the forest, gazing out towards a distant horizon from a mountain peak, sailing over the waters blue or dancing in a rain shower – the elements fuel my body and creative spirit. I'm grateful for the light, this life of mystery and the opportunity to share my feelings and thoughts about it through visual language and paint.

I float between the border lands of ‘landscape’ and ‘inscape’. As a lover of words and stories, in the past number of years many of the titles to my paintings serve as an insight into the tale I'm telling through imagery.

Like Picasso said: “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”.