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Sotto Voce

Two Artist Exhibition 2014

Curator: Katie Brennan. Lake Country Art Gallery, Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada


“For Sotto Voce, Norris has returned to mapping her personal landscape – an approach she began in another body of work a number of years ago. But here, the view of the landscape has been ripped right open, holding nothing back and letting it all spill forth. The two largest pieces in the exhibition Map Making 1 & 2 are from the previous body of work that was all about her time in Tasmania, where she completed MFA. They track and map her state of being, the passage of time, snippets of thoughts and quotes in white notation marks point the way. Both pieces present abstract line systems that dutifully march off in all directions and completely disintegrate into larger masses of colour in others that feel like continents on a map. Presented in front of these works, are white three dimensional icons and signposts that create a field of information that one must pass through in order to reach a more intimate viewing experience. These signs have a feeling of play, of absurdity, a Dr. Seussian kind of appeal. White icons and marking similarly show up in other pieces as well. The addition of these language-like elements nicely muddy the water, by implying that if applied correctly, these icons would add the clarity, control and easy identification of language and make everything much more easily “figured out” or understood.”
Excerpt from INSIDE to OUTSIDE: art as an act of claiming (catalogue essay), Katie Brennan, Curator, Sotto Voce, Lake Country Art Gallery, 2014